Op-Critical has lots of tunes, and they are not all protest songs. However, our first CD, 'Of War and Protest,' consists of the twelve songs initially featured in the Justice Through Music Harmony Vids! campaign. Those songs are available free via mp3 download but the entire signed CD with liner notes is only available for purchase here for $10.00 plus shipping. Individual songs are available here for 99 cents. The liner notes for these songs are here.

We urge everyone to help out the cause by buying the CD or the songs. We are presently in the studio cranking out more songs for you and may have another CD done before you know it. Sometimes we will post non-protest songs for download if the song is cool, like the four below.

The songs on 'Of War and Protest' are in mp3 and wav format. These wav files are available on request for those who are creating videos of the songs. Lyrics are posted with each song.

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