Liner Notes

'Of War and Protest' has been a labor of love over 18 months because we care about the state of the world. Music, art and video have the power to change entire generations, and we wanted to help bring people out of their collective hypnosis so they will act to effect that change. This CD is dedicated to all those who have lost their innocence, their trust in government and their lives over the past five years of war and fear. We also dedicate this CD to our beloved bass player who was given two weeks to live but hung on for a year so he could get all his tracks done on the 150 songs we wrote and recorded for this project. He died so young but he lives for all of you in his powerful playing.

Not My America is about the artificial divide created by politicians and religious leaders who want to drive people apart rather than bring them together. Fear is a social commentary on government manipulation of fear to control people to do things against their best interests. Fork is from a soldier's perspective, after he has lost everything, including his soul, and he wants to get it all back if he can only keep it together. Liar Liar, with a take off of the famous nursery rhyme, explains most of the lies that have cracked the foundation of America. Homecoming tells the story of a soldier forced into multiple tours which almost destroyed his family and left him with no more fight inside, only hope for peace. Innocents, complete with an authentic mosque call throughout, gives a chilling account of the toll of war on innocent civilians. Shrub is a blistering indictment of the current resident of the White House. Wondering paints the thoughts of a husband whose young wife went to war and is returning for him. Wounded lays out the chaos one feels from being caught in the crossfire of war and hatred. Ornament is a touching account of a wife who lost her husband in the war complete with the bitterness of that loss. Fix This describes the feelings of a soldier who gets addicted to killing and when there is no one else left to kill, he looks into the mirror and ends up killing himself. Lobotomy ends the CD with a George Orwell-type commentary on why the masses follow evil leaders.

These songs were recorded, mixed and mastered at four different studios in as many states using the best analog and digital equipment. Many people are involved who work for little or nothing to make this happen. We are still writing and recording more material and we spend dozens of hours per week in studios to bring you more music.

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